Unbundling Your Divorce: How to find a lawyer to help you help yourself
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This book will save you thousands of dollars on attorney fees.

You don’t need a lawyer for every aspect of your divorce. Many parts of the legal process are common sense, and can be navigated by a non-lawyer. Even some more complex matters can be done on your own if you have quality coaching from a good lawyer.

This book will show you how to decide which parts of your case you can handle yourself, where you need coaching, and how to find a lawyer who will coach you on those, or work with you to handle only those parts of you case that you can’t effectively do yourself. It’s a win/win. You don’t pay for legal work you don’t need, and you have a quality attorney for only those parts of the case where you really need one.

This book will walk you through the analysis to determine whether you are a good candidate for self-representation, how to avoid the most common mistakes divorce litigants make when the go to court without lawyers, and how to find a lawyer to help you with procedures, tricky areas, or other aspects where you need assistance.

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Are You A Good Candidate For Self-Representation?
How to Screw Up Your Case in Seven Easy Lessons
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