How to Avoid the Divorce From Hell
(and dance together at your daughter’s wedding)

Paperback, Price $17.95

Whether you are in the middle of a divorce, are divorced, or are thinking about getting a divorce, you need this book!

Why do good people suffer through the Divorce from Hell? Because they don’t have access to the simple, common sense advice and techniques which can help them navigate the common challenges of divorce and come out on the other side whole, complete and sane.

The Divorce from Hell isn’t inevitable. Millions of people go through amicable divorces every year. This book will show you how they do it.

If you have kids, this book will show you how to protect them through the process. If you don’t have kids, but have property to divide, this book will teach you how to make sensible decisions to maximize the amount of it you keep, and minimize the amount you pay your attorney to unnecessarily fight for you.

If you are divorcing the Jerk of the Western World, this book will help you keep your own sanity while taking the high road. If your wife has left you feeling betrayed and blind-sided, this book will help you prevent those feelings from translating into counterproductive and expensive legal maneuvers.

No matter how angry, hurt, rejected or guilt-ridden you may be at the moment, this book is filled with techniques to help you make sure those feelings don’t cause you to make bad decisions that you’ll regret for years.

We believe so strongly in this book that we’ll refund the purchase price if you don’t find that it saves you many times the cost and contains practical, common sense advice you can put into practice immediately.

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Why You Want Your Spouse to Have a Good Lawyer, Too
Support Guidelines
How to Be Inducted Into the Jerk Hall of Fame and Lose 10 Karma Points

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